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 What is ARX?

ARX is the enhanced version of the 3rd Biaxial Generation pin tumbler mechanisms from Medeco International, arguably the best cylinder mechanism in the world!   ARX stands for "Attack Resistance X-Tended".
In ARX there are subtle features and variations applied to the pins at random, these differences enhance the security of the cylinder against manipulation through the keyway. During the piining up process of a cylinder , the ARX features are randomly distributed within the cylinder; so no two cylinders are the same. It is this randomisation which makes maniplution through the keyway so impractical.

Click here to see Medeco at work


The above graphic shows how the 3 locking elements work together when a key is inserted; the pins being lifted to the correct height; the slider on the side of the keyway being pushed to the correct position; the pins being aligned with the sidebar. Notice the many anti-drill elements too!!

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